Suicide & Opioid Epidemic


Heal Earth serves as the steward of the Heal America DAO, a social welfare organization committed to addressing the suicide epidemic among veterans and US citizens. Our mission is to cure PTSD by legalizing natural psychedelic medicine and therapy.

Why Should We Legalize

Today in the United States there is a mental health epidemic amongst our veterans of the armed services and American citizens. It is our duty to provide our veterans and our citizens with the highest quality of healthcare possible.

Clinically published research conducted by John Hopkins University, Yale, UC-Berkeley, The Ohio State University, Imperial College London and Bristol University demonstrates the transformational healing power of psychedelic medicine.

Psilocybin Research Articles


Natural Medicina Act Passes in Colorado

Biden Administration Considers Psychedelic Therapies Task Force House Approves Marijuana And Psychedelics Amendments As Part Of Must-Pass Defense Bill Connecticut Lawmakers Approve Bill To Fund Psilocybin And MDMA Therapy Biden Administration Plans For Legal Psychedelic Therapies Within Two Years

Texas bill paves way for study of psychedelic drugs to treat conditions like PTSD

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