Social Good VC Fund

Heal.Earth propose an innovative investment strategy that has the potential to generate substantial returns and further the philanthropic mission of the Christ Trust. Our proposal involves creating a dedicated venture capital (VC) firm with an initial capital infusion of $2 billion from the sale of Christ Trust assets.

Executive Summary:

We propose the establishment of the Christ Venture Capital Fund, a $2 billion VC firm that will focus on strategic investments in innovative and socially responsible ventures. The primary goal of this initiative is to maximize returns on the Trust's assets while contributing to the Trust's overall mission of making a positive impact on society.

Proposal Details:

  1. Creation of Christ Venture Capital Fund:

    • Establish a standalone VC entity with a dedicated team of experienced professionals to manage the fund.

    • Develop a comprehensive investment strategy that aligns with the Trust's values and long-term objectives.

  2. Stock Sale and Fund Capitalization:

    • Sell $2 billion in selected assets from the Christ Trust to capitalize the VC fund.

    • Carefully select assets to ensure minimal impact on the overall portfolio's stability and financial health.

  3. Investment Focus:

    • Concentrate on investments in cutting-edge technologies, sustainable practices, and companies with a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility.

    • Target sectors such as clean energy, healthcare innovation, and technology for societal advancement.

  4. Financial Oversight:

    • Implement rigorous financial oversight mechanisms to monitor the performance of the VC fund and ensure compliance with ethical investment standards.

    • Regularly report to the Christ Trust Board of Trustees on the fund's progress, investment decisions, and financial performance.

  5. Social Impact Measurement:

    • Establish metrics to measure the social impact of the VC fund's investments, demonstrating the Trust's commitment to positive change.

    • Develop partnerships with organizations dedicated to measuring and promoting social impact.

Benefits to Christ Trust:

  1. Diversification of Assets:

    • The establishment of a VC fund introduces diversification, mitigating risks associated with traditional investment portfolios.

  2. Financial Returns:

    • The VC fund is expected to generate attractive financial returns, contributing to the overall growth of the Christ Trust.

  3. Philanthropic Impact:

    • Investments in socially responsible ventures will enhance the Trust's philanthropic efforts and contribute to positive societal change.


This proposal outlines a strategic approach to leverage the Christ Trust's assets for both financial growth and societal impact. We believe that establishing the Christ Venture Capital Fund aligns with the Trust's mission and values, offering a unique opportunity to make a lasting and meaningful difference.

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