Bill of Rights 2.0

Proposed Constitutional Amendment for Economic Rights

Executive Summary:

This executive summary proposes the incorporation of fundamental economic rights into the United States Constitution, inspired by President Franklin D. Roosevelt's concept of a "Second Bill of Rights." These rights aim to ensure economic security and opportunity for all American citizens, alongside the existing political and civil liberties enshrined in the original Bill of Rights.

1. The Right to Employment: Every citizen shall have the right to obtain a useful and remunerative job in the industries, shops, farms, or mines of the nation, ensuring the opportunity for meaningful work and fair compensation.

2. The Right to a Living Wage: Citizens shall have the right to earn a wage that is sufficient to provide adequate food, clothing, and recreation, promoting economic stability and personal well-being.

3. The Right of Agricultural Self-Sufficiency: Farmers shall have the right to raise and sell their products at a fair return, ensuring their ability to sustain themselves and their families with dignity.

4. Business Freedom and Fair Competition: Every businessman, regardless of size, shall have the right to operate in an environment free from unfair competition and monopolistic dominance, fostering a competitive marketplace.

5. The Right to Housing: Every family shall have the right to a decent home, ensuring access to safe and affordable housing as a fundamental human need.

6. The Right to Health Care: Citizens shall have the right to adequate medical care and the opportunity to achieve and enjoy good health, promoting physical well-being and preventing financial hardship due to medical expenses.

7. Economic Security: Citizens shall have the right to adequate protection from the economic fears of old age, sickness, accident, and unemployment, ensuring a safety net that preserves dignity during times of hardship.

8. The Right to Education: Every citizen shall have the right to a good education, ensuring access to quality schooling and opportunities for personal and professional development.

These proposed amendments seek to codify essential economic rights that are integral to the pursuit of happiness, dignity, and equality of opportunity for all Americans. By embedding these rights in the Constitution, the nation affirms its commitment to fostering a society where economic security, fairness, and prosperity are accessible to all.

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