How to Build Heaven on Earth

The quest to build heaven on earth begins with a fundamental question: what truly matters?

In my view, the essence lies in our relations—with family, friends, partners, and especially our children. Our children represent not only our future but also the most vital renewable resource in existence. The good news is that being fruitful and multiplying is fun and most humans enjoy making babies.

Amidst this recognition, we must assume the mantle of guardianship, safeguarding the welfare of all future generations. This entails not just the act of procreation but a commitment to creating a world that flourishes for every child, present and yet to come. To build a world for the sake of all our children, we must establish a robust system of measurement so we can evaluate our progress.

Central to this mission work is the adoption of a universal moral code — let's call them Universal Spiritual Principles—that serves as the bedrock for our collective decision-making.

These principles would provide a comprehensive framework for guiding our actions, both towards humanity, our animals relatives and to our home, mother earth.

Recognizing our intrinsic interconnectedness with nature is paramount. Any exploitation of the environment solely for profit is not only a form of insanity but embodies a form of spiritual deprivation. The Indigenous nations call this exploitation Weitiko, a spiritual disease of the soul. Thus, our approach must transcend mere economic considerations and embrace a holistic understanding of our place within the intricate web of life.

One day I will die and leave my earth suit behind to return to the world of spirit. That day could come at any time. My gift to humanity is this roadmap which lays out a plan to create heaven on earth for all beings.

By aligning our values, our governments and our economies with the imperative to safeguard our children's future, grounding our actions in universal spiritual principles, and fostering a deep reverence for nature, we pave the path towards realizing a semblance of heaven on earth—a world where harmony, justice, and sustainability reign supreme.

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