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Executive Summary

The health of our children is a national priority. However, concerning trends in childhood illnesses and developmental conditions demand a deeper understanding. Therefore, we urge the creation of an independent, well-resourced government commission dedicated to a comprehensive investigation of children's health in America.

Public Health Facts

These are public health facts:

  • 1 and 36 children have autism.

  • 1 in 3 children are overweight or obese.

  • 1 in 8 children have Asthma.

  • 1 in 20 children have seizures.

  • 1 in 12 have food allergies.

  • 1 in 9 children have ADHD.

  • 1 In 100 children have a heart problem.

Over 350,000 children have been diagnosed with Diabetes.

Over half of US children now suffer from a chronic condition, disability, or disease. Americans spend the least on food, the most on "health care", have the most highly vaccinated kids, and have the sickest kids of any industrialized country.

More kids than not are now chronically ill, developmentally delayed, and eating or injecting prescription medications from cradle to grave, which is going to be a quicker trip for them than it was for their parents, according to data on life expectancy in the US.

We are inured to childhood autism, epilepsy, allergy, asthma, diabetes, obesity, Crohn’s disease and cancer. We are dying younger. We are going backwards.

30 years ago not a single child had these conditions. Many children neither had the flu nor flu shots. We're now seeing shingles outbreaks in the young, an illness that only the 60 plus demographic used to be susceptible to.

In 1983, children were required to have ten vaccines by age six. That changed to 74 doses by age 18 in 2019 (counting flu shots) to over 96 shots with Covid and RSV being added to the ever increasing schedule.

To maximize profits, manufacturers and health insurers bundle as many vaccines as possible into one syringe. And doctors, once told to give no more than four simultaneous vaccines, are now expected to give up to nine. This means that twelve-month-old babies can get a total of twenty-five antigens in one day , an astounding immune assault for a twenty pounder.

Pregnant women are now encouraged to have flu shots , which was found to trigger more fetal deaths along with the Tdap and now Covid shots... Still, nobody blinks.

The FDA has never tested the results of giving all these vaccines together in one day, or the cumulative effect of giving so many to a very young child. By the age of six, under the current schedule, kids get at least eighty-five viral and bacterial antigens, plus mercury (still in flu shots), aluminum (linked to Alzheimer’s), formaldehyde, nut oil adjuvants, and contaminant viral or bacterial DNA.

In 1995 genetically modified crops entered the US food supply without review or regulation. Papaya and tomatoes were the first foods tinkered with (Hawaii is locked in one of the hundreds of Monsanto battles). Soon after came soy and corn — key ingredients in infant formulas and processed food for infants and children. For the first time in human existence, infants were injected with GMO viral material on the day they were born, and ingesting GMO formula.

GMO foods and vaccines jam genetic traits across species into each other, in combinations not possible in nature. Because of disturbing data on how GMO foods disrupt beneficial human gut microbes, trigger allergies or cancers, and injure organs, other countries refuse American GMO crops, ban GMO foods, or require GMO labeling. Not us. The government’s symbiotic relationship with Big Food ensures that we have no idea what we’re eating. No action is taken on a federal level since the FDA dubbed GMO foods “generally regarded as safe” (GRAS), a designation that requires no safety testing. This happened simply because a Monsanto consulting attorney told the FDA to do it that way, in 1992.

The Need for Action:

  • Rising Rates of Chronic Illness: Childhood obesity, asthma, allergies, and mental health concerns are all on the rise. We need to understand the factors driving these trends.

  • Developmental Concerns: The significant increase in diagnoses like Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) necessitates a thorough examination of potential causes.

  • Environmental Exposures: Children are particularly vulnerable to environmental toxins. A commission can investigate potential links between these exposures and health outcomes.

  • An Independent Commission for Answers:

    • Objectivity and Transparency: An independent commission, free from political or industry influence, can ensure unbiased and transparent research.

    • Comprehensive Approach: The commission should bring together leading experts in pediatrics, epidemiology, environmental science, and public health to form a holistic picture.

    • Public Engagement: The commission must actively engage the public, including parents, educators, and healthcare professionals, to ensure a comprehensive understanding of concerns.

    Investing in Our Future:

    This commission's findings will be crucial for developing effective public health strategies to:

    • Promote preventative measures: Identify and address environmental and lifestyle factors contributing to childhood illness.

    • Improve early detection and intervention: Equip healthcare providers with the knowledge to identify and support children with developmental needs.

    • Develop targeted treatments and therapies: Advance research to create personalized treatment plans for various childhood conditions.

    • Inform future policies: Guide policy decisions that prioritize the health and well-being of all children.

    The health of our children is paramount. A dedicated, independent government commission is the essential step forward to ensure a healthier future for generations to come.

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