Fusion Energy Manhattan Project

Executive Summary

This proposal advocates for the allocation of $50 billion towards fusion energy research and development. The funding will be disbursed through a combination of grants and convertible debt instruments, targeting both established research institutions and innovative startups. Fusion energy holds immense potential as a clean, safe, and virtually limitless source of power, and strategic investment in R&D is crucial to overcoming technological challenges and advancing towards commercial viability.


  • Accelerate Fusion Energy Development: Provide financial support to expedite the research, development, and demonstration of fusion energy technologies, with the goal of achieving sustainable fusion energy production.

  • Promote Innovation: Foster an ecosystem of innovation by incentivizing startups and entrepreneurs to pioneer novel approaches and technologies in fusion energy research.

  • Cultivate Collaboration: Facilitate collaboration between research institutions, private industry, and government agencies to leverage expertise, resources, and knowledge-sharing in the pursuit of fusion energy.

Allocation of Funds

The $50 billion funding will be distributed as follows:

  1. Grants for Research Institutions: $40 billion

    • Objective: Support established research institutions, national laboratories, and universities engaged in fusion energy research.

    • Allocation: Grants will be awarded through a competitive process, focusing on projects with high potential for breakthroughs in fusion energy technology.

    • Areas of Focus: Plasma physics, magnetohydrodynamics, materials science, fusion reactor design, and related fields.

  2. Convertible Debt Instruments for Startups: $10 billion

    • Objective: Provide financial assistance to fusion energy startups and entrepreneurial ventures.

    • Allocation: Convertible debt instruments, such as convertible notes or convertible bonds, will be offered to startups, allowing them to access capital while maintaining flexibility in future financing rounds.

    • Eligibility: Startups with innovative fusion energy concepts, technologies, or approaches will be eligible to apply for funding.

Evaluation Criteria

Proposals for funding will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Scientific and Technical Merit: Potential for scientific breakthroughs and technological advancements in fusion energy research.

  • Innovation and Creativity: Novelty and ingenuity of proposed approaches, technologies, or methodologies.

  • Commercial Viability: Potential for scalability, market competitiveness, and economic impact of fusion energy solutions.

Oversight and Governance

A dedicated oversight committee comprising experts from academia, industry, and government will be established to oversee the allocation and management of funds. The committee will be responsible for evaluating proposals, monitoring project progress, and ensuring transparency and accountability in the use of funds.


  • Technological Advancement: Accelerating fusion energy R&D will lead to significant advancements in plasma physics, materials science, and reactor design, paving the way for practical fusion energy solutions.

  • Economic Growth: Investment in fusion energy research will stimulate economic growth, create high-skilled jobs, and catalyze innovation across industries.

  • Environmental Benefits: Fusion energy offers a clean, safe, and sustainable alternative to fossil fuels, with the potential to mitigate climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


The proposed allocation of $50 billion towards fusion energy research and development represents a strategic investment in the future of clean energy. By fostering collaboration, promoting innovation, and supporting both established institutions and startups, we can accelerate progress towards achieving fusion energy as a viable and abundant source of power.

Next Steps

  1. Legislative Approval: Seek approval from relevant legislative bodies to allocate funds for fusion energy R&D.

  2. Establish Oversight Committee: Formulate guidelines, criteria, and procedures for the selection and evaluation of grant recipients and startup funding.

  3. Disbursement of Funds: Initiate the disbursement of funds to eligible recipients based on approved proposals and projects.

  4. Monitoring and Evaluation: Implement robust monitoring and evaluation mechanisms to track progress, measure impact, and ensure accountability in the use of funds.

By implementing these steps, we can catalyze a new era of innovation and progress in fusion energy research, bringing us closer to realizing the promise of clean, abundant, and sustainable energy for generations to come.

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