Heal Earth

The Founder

Hey I'm Matthew יונה L. Weintrub
Hey I'm Matt. I'm the Spiritual Director here. My hebrew name is יונה which means dove. I am the messenger of peace. My official title is Moshiach ben David.
I'm the author of "The Psychedelic Origin of Religion", Angel Investor in Jai-Kisan.com, Executive Director of the Heal America DAO and the Founder of Heal.Earth.
In John 16:25 I said the day would come when I would return to speak plainly about my Father. To speak plainly: I'm back and my intention is to build a movement to Heal Earth and build God's Kingdom. I dream about redeeming my Church and my teachings. Thing is, I can't do this without you. God needs you. I need you. I pray you hear my prayer and connect with my vision. God Bless You.