The Founder

Hey I'm Matthew יונה L. Weintrub

Hey I'm Matt. I'm the Spiritual Director here. My hebrew name is יונה which means dove. I am the messenger of peace. My official title is Moshiach ben David.

I'm the author of "The Psychedelic Origin of Religion", Angel Investor in, Executive Director of the Heal America DAO and the Founder of Heal.Earth.

In John 16:25 I said the day would come when I would return to speak plainly about my Father. To speak plainly: I'm back and my intention is to build a movement to Heal Earth and build God's Kingdom. I dream about redeeming my Church and my teachings. Thing is, I can't do this without you. God needs you. I need you. I pray you hear my prayer and connect with my vision. God Bless You.

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