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We Call for an Executive Order & Legislation to Establish a Technology-First Government for We The People

Purpose: This executive order aims to fundamentally transform the federal government into a technology-first organization. Key initiatives include reforming the government’s HR hiring and budget processes, and overhauling the procurement and contracting systems to enhance transparency and efficiency.


  1. Modernize Human Resources (HR) Processes:

    • Recruitment: Implement advanced recruiting technologies such as AI-driven talent acquisition platforms to identify and attract top tech talent. Prioritize hiring individuals with skills in emerging technologies, cybersecurity, and data analytics.

    • Training and Development: Establish continuous learning programs to ensure employees stay updated with the latest technological advancements. Provide resources for professional development in critical tech areas.

    • Retention: Create a dynamic work environment that encourages innovation, offering competitive salaries and benefits tailored to attract and retain skilled technology professionals.

  2. Revamp Budget Processes:

    • Zero-Based Budgeting: Transition to a zero-based budgeting approach where all expenses must be justified for each new period. This ensures that funds are allocated based on current needs and priorities rather than historical expenditures.

    • Real-Time Tracking: Utilize blockchain and other advanced financial management systems to provide real-time tracking of budget allocations and expenditures. Ensure this data is publicly accessible for transparency and accountability.

  3. Enhance Contract Fulfillment and Transparency:

    • Transparent Bidding Process: Overhaul the procurement process to require companies bidding for government contracts to disclose their cost structures and profit margins. This will promote fair pricing and prevent excessive profiteering.

    • Public Disclosure: All contracts and associated financial details must be made available on a public platform, allowing taxpayers to see how their money is being spent and the margins contractors are making.

    • Performance Metrics: Implement strict performance metrics and regular audits to ensure that contractors meet their obligations efficiently and cost-effectively. Non-performing contractors should face penalties, including potential disqualification from future contracts.

Implementation Plan:

  1. Form Task Forces: Establish dedicated task forces for HR, budgeting, and procurement reforms. These task forces will be responsible for developing detailed action plans and timelines for implementation.

  2. Pilot Programs: Launch pilot programs to test new HR technologies, zero-based budgeting, and the transparent contracting process within select departments. Use feedback from these pilots to refine and optimize processes.

  3. Stakeholder Engagement: Engage with internal and external stakeholders, including employees, technology experts, and contractors, to ensure broad support and successful implementation. Conduct workshops and provide training to facilitate the transition.

  4. Monitoring and Evaluation: Set up a monitoring and evaluation framework to track the progress of these initiatives, ensuring continuous improvement and addressing any challenges promptly.

Conclusion: Reorienting the government to operate as a technology-first organization is essential for enhancing efficiency, transparency, and public trust. By reforming HR, budgeting, and procurement processes, we will build a more agile, accountable, and innovative government. All department heads are directed to support these initiatives and collaborate fully to achieve these transformative goals.

Next Steps: Please review the attached implementation plans and provide your feedback by [specific date]. A follow-up meeting will be scheduled to finalize the action steps and timelines.


  • HR Reform Task Force Outline

  • Zero-Based Budgeting Implementation Plan

  • Transparent Procurement Process Proposal

Thank you for your cooperation and commitment to this critical transformation.

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