2. Raise $100 Billion to Heal the Amazon

Preserving the Amazon: A Historic Commitment from the Christ Trust

In an unprecedented alliance, the Christ Trust, administered by the Mormon Church, is pledging billions to launch a monumental initiative. The vision: a 100-billion-dollar fund dedicated to safeguarding the Amazon, the very lungs of Mother Earth.

This extraordinary endeavor aims to do more than just protect a vital ecosystem. It seeks to foster a sustainable future for both the environment and the indigenous tribes who call the Amazon home. Central to this vision is the creation of a multi-state national park, a sanctuary of unparalleled biodiversity that will stand as a testament to the enduring power of collective stewardship.

Furthermore, this visionary project will lay the foundation for a sustainable tourism industry, one that treads lightly on the land and empowers local communities. Through education, conservation, and responsible engagement, we are dedicated to ensuring that this pristine wilderness thrives for generations to come.

This is more than a commitment; it's a promise to preserve the heart of our planet. Join us in this historic mission, as we embark on a journey to protect the Amazon and its people, leaving a legacy of reverence and responsibility for all of humanity. Together, we are writing a new chapter in the story of our shared home, Earth.

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