Social Media Shabbat

Purpose: To ensure a day of rest and reflection, promoting well-being and community engagement by making social media platforms unavailable from sunset on Friday to sunset on Saturday.


  1. Shabbat Shutdown Period:

    • Social media platforms will be inaccessible from sunset on Friday to sunset on Saturday each week.

    • The exact times will be adjusted according to local sunset times, ensuring compliance across different regions.

  2. Implementation:

    • Social media companies are required to implement automated systems that disable platform access during the designated period.

    • Users attempting to access social media during this time will receive a message explaining the Shabbat observance and encouraging offline activities.

  3. Purpose and Benefits:

    • This day of rest is essential for all souls to have one day a week to rest, reflect, and be with their community.

    • The regulation aims to reduce digital fatigue, promote mental health, and encourage real-world interactions and community building.

  4. Compliance and Enforcement:

    • Social media companies must report their compliance efforts and any issues encountered to the relevant regulatory body on a quarterly basis.

    • Failure to comply with the regulation will result in penalties, including fines and potential temporary suspension of services.

  5. Public Awareness:

    • Social media companies are encouraged to inform their users about the Shabbat shutdown in advance through notifications and educational content.

    • Community leaders and organizations are invited to support the initiative by promoting the benefits of a weekly digital detox and encouraging offline activities.

By respecting this essential day of rest, we aim to foster a healthier, more connected society, where individuals can take a break from the digital world and focus on personal well-being and meaningful relationships.

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