Public Servant Training

We believe those who seek the role of Public Servant in Congress or Government should go through a basic training program to prepare them to serve their country


This executive summary outlines a comprehensive training program designed to equip holders of public office with essential skills and knowledge to excel in their roles. The program integrates diverse elements, including design thinking, public policy, anti-corruption practices, indigenous healing ceremonies, and additional components focused on spiritual principles, the science of the soul, the science of nature and quantum physics, and meditation. By embracing a holistic approach, this initiative aims to cultivate ethical leadership, foster innovation, and promote personal well-being among public officials.

Training Components

  1. Design Thinking and Public Policy: Equips participants with innovative problem-solving skills and policy development strategies.

  2. Anti-Corruption Practices: Instills a robust understanding of ethical conduct and accountability to combat corruption effectively.

  3. Holistic Personal Development: Indigenous Healing Ceremony: Promotes mental, emotional, and cultural well-being through traditional healing practices.

  4. Spiritual Principles: Explores ethical and moral frameworks drawn from diverse spiritual traditions to guide decision-making and leadership.

  5. Science of the Soul: Provides insights into the nature of consciousness, self-awareness, and personal growth for enhanced self-understanding and empathy.

  6. Science of Nature and Quantum Physics: Offers a scientific perspective on interconnectedness, complexity, and uncertainty to inform policy and decision-making.

  7. Meditation: Cultivates mindfulness, resilience, and stress management skills to enhance focus, clarity, and emotional intelligence.

Implementation Strategy

  • Integration: Seamlessly integrates diverse training components into a cohesive curriculum to maximize effectiveness and relevance.

  • Expert Facilitation: Engages subject matter experts, scholars, and practitioners to deliver high-quality training content and facilitate meaningful discussions.

  • Customization: Tailors training modules to suit the specific needs and contexts of public office holders, ensuring practical relevance and applicability.

  • Evaluation and Feedback: Establishes mechanisms for ongoing evaluation and feedback to continuously improve the training program and monitor its impact.

  • Inclusivity: Ensures accessibility and inclusivity by accommodating diverse learning styles, preferences, and cultural backgrounds.


By embracing a multidimensional approach to training, this program aims to empower public office holders with the skills, knowledge, and values necessary to navigate complex challenges ethically and effectively. By investing in their personal and professional development, we lay the foundation for a more enlightened and compassionate governance that serves the common good.

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