Salaam Accords

An open-source diplomatic proposal to heal Palestine-Israeli relations and end the Ideology of Hate

November 2023

Comprehensive Peace and Reconciliation Agreement for Israel-Palestine

Our Goal is to reach a solution which would establish an independent Palestinian state alongside Israel.

To begin the peace process in Israel-Palestine, we suggest the following:

  1. Immediate Ceasefire (as voted by the UN's non-binding resolution)

  2. Palestinian statehood granted under authority of the Palestinian Authority.

  3. Demilitarization of Palestine.

  4. Hamas agrees to binding resolutions including demilitarization, agrees to end education of hatred and other reforms.

  5. Palestinian Authority agrees to educational materials audit every 2 years and makes it a crime to teach children to hate Jews and advocate for the murder of innocent.


The Palestinian people should've been granted statehood long ago but the far-right in Israel assassinated Yitzhak Rabin -who had a peace deal lined up. This lead to the emergence of Hamas. Israel must take responsibility for this and make an effort to do the right thing.

Israel must END the loss of innocent life. Current reports confirm 2,250 kills of children. This is a violation of international law and constitutes a form of genocide.

Hamas is not excused for it's genocide of the Jewish people. Hamas is guilty of genocide of both Jewish lives and the lives of its own people. Hamas as an organization holds power of its people illegally. No open elections for any office have been held in Gaza since 2006. Hamas must choose to demilitarize immediately. This is the only way forward for Hamas.

i. Reciprocity Initiatives:

This situation is very tricky due to the stated action of Hamas, which is labeled internationally as a terrorist organization. We first need to be able to differentiate between the people of Palestine (whom are more or less capitves of Hamas) and the political leadership organization which compromises Hamas.

Key Questions that need to be posed:

  • How does one delineate between a member of Hamas and an innocent Palestinian?

  • How does one layout a plan to “demilitarize” Hamas?

  • How does one repair the damage of the genocide occurring now which will naturally give birth to more extremism?

Heal.Earth is proposing a set of Reciprocity initiatives for the Israeli government to approach international partners in negotiating with Hamas and the Palestinian Authority. Reciprocity is an practice of exchanging things with others for mutual benefit.

Reciprocity Initiative Proposal:

  • Create a Cease-fire to free Hostages

  • Establish a Humanitarian corridor to evacuate and preserve the life of all women, children and eligible men.

  • Contingent upon the creation of a Palestinian state (see terms proposed below)

    • Grant Palestinian Citizenship into Palestinian state for those who qualify:

      • Proposed Qualifications

        • Citizen must pledge to disaffiliate from Hamas

          • Citizenship includes:

            • Free Mental Healthcare (funded by the government of Israel & international partners)

            • Free medical care

          • Reparations

            • To be determined at a future date

          • Terms for resumption of extremist activities

            • Citizenship can be revoked, etc..

i. Overview of terms:

  • Phased withdrawal of Israeli military from occupied Palestinian territories.

  • Israel opens humanitarian corridor to allow evacuation of all women & children.

  • Transfer of authority to a Palestinian administration under the Palestinian Authority.

  • Palestine agrees to demilitarization.

  • Hamas agrees to binding terms of demilitarization, elimination of educational standards that teach hate of Jewish persons and other reforms.

    • Hamas agrees to surrender Yahya Sinwar and other top commanders to be charged for crimes against humanity for their genocide.

  • Status of Jerusalem:

    • Establish a demilitarized zone.

    • Transition to independent status governed by a designated body.

  • Israel's illegal settlements:

    • Immediate moratorium on settlements.

    • Withdraw military police protection and agree to complete withdrawal from occupied territories.

  • Israel agrees to yield, allocate or purchase a % of unused land for the Palestinian state as compensation for land settlements.

i. Two-State Solution:

A. Borders:

  • Establish Israel and Palestine as separate, independent states.

  • West Bank:

    • Israel will withdraw from the West Bank, retaining 6.3% for major Jewish settlements.

B. Jerusalem:

  • Recognize Jerusalem as the shared capital of Israel.

  • Place the Temple Mount and the entire Old City under a public binding International trusteeship comprising Israel, PA, Jordan, US, and Saudi Arabia. Establish an international coalition of Guardians from 10 nations.

C. Security:

  • Establish a comprehensive security arrangement to safeguard the sovereignty and territorial integrity of both states, potentially including an international peacekeeping force during a transitional period.

D. Refugees:

  • Reach a just, fair, and agreed-upon solution to the issue of Palestinian refugees, respecting the right of return while acknowledging regional demographic realities.

II. Roadmap for Peace:

A. Economic Integration:

  • Encourage economic cooperation, joint ventures, infrastructure projects, and cross-border initiatives between Israel and Palestine.

B. Trade and Commerce:

  • Facilitate the free flow of goods and services between Israel and Palestine, respecting sovereignty and security concerns.

C. Education and Cultural Exchange:

  • Promote educational programs fostering understanding, tolerance, and mutual respect among Israeli and Palestinian youth, with emphasis on shared history, languages, and cultures.

D. People-to-People Initiatives:

  • Support grassroots organizations, NGOs, and civil society efforts working towards reconciliation, peace-building, and joint community projects.

III. Negotiating Process:

  • Launch immediate bilateral negotiations on final status issues, including borders, refugees, Jerusalem, settlements, security arrangements, and water resources.

IV. Implementation:

  • Aim to conclude a peace agreement by the end of 2024, followed by phased implementation in accordance with the Roadmap for Peace.

V. International Support:

  • The international community pledges its support to both parties in their pursuit of a comprehensive, just, and lasting peace.


Hamas & Yahya Sinwar Refuses All Cease Fire Terms & Agreements

After months of good faith dialogue between the US, Israel, Egypt & Qatar intermediaries to bring about a conclusion to the war against Hamas's illegal invasion and genocide of Israeli civilians, Hamas has once again rejected all options.

It is clear now that Sinwar is a madman who will do anything to kill and sacrifice his people for the ideology of hate which Hamas forces upon all men, women and children of Gaza. He brags about this openly.

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