Sacred Waters Treaty

Executive Summary: an international treaty to authorize the creation of a Guardian Force to protect the waters of earth.

Overview The Sacred Water Treaty is an international treaty that binds all partner countries to a set of legal standards for caring for the sacred waters of Earth.

Our proposal outlines the establishment of a Guardian Force under the Sacred Water Treaty, aimed at creating an international organization with the authority and immunity to prosecute any violations of the treaty resulting from malicious pollution. This proposal also includes the authorization of the use of force to defend and protect nature, ensuring the integrity and sanctity of our shared water resources.


Water is the essence of life, vital for the sustenance of all living beings and ecosystems. Recognizing the critical importance of safeguarding water resources, the Sacred Water Treaty was established to protect and preserve these invaluable natural assets for all the children, animals and plants that share the earth and for future generations.

The Indigenous wisdom of Torah teaches that water is life and that without clean water there can be no life. This is a universal law of life on Earth. We encourage any soul to consume polluted water if they believe this law is not true.

Malicious pollution and disregard for water conservation continue to pose significant threats to the environment and public health.

The Consciousness of Water

Scientific proof shows that the entire universe is conscious including the water of which the human body is 98% water.

State of the Crisis

  • 2.1 billion people lack safe drinking water at home, more than twice as many lack safe sanitation (UN 2023)


The primary objective of this proposal is to establish a Guardian Force tasked with monitoring, enforcing, and prosecuting violations of the treaty related to malicious pollution. Furthermore, this proposal seeks to authorize the use of force when necessary to defend and protect nature from actions that jeopardize the integrity of our water resources.

Treaty Terms

  1. Creation of the Guardian Force: An international organization shall be established under the auspices of the Sacred Water Treaty, known as the Guardian Force. This force shall consist of trained personnel from participating nations, equipped with the necessary resources to carry out their duties effectively.

  2. Jurisdiction and Immunity: The Guardian Force shall have jurisdiction to investigate, prosecute, and adjudicate cases of malicious pollution in accordance with the provisions of the Sacred Water Treaty. To ensure its autonomy and effectiveness, the Guardian Force shall enjoy immunity from legal or political interference in the discharge of its responsibilities.

  3. Authorization of Use of Force: In cases where diplomatic measures fail to deter or rectify instances of egregious pollution, the Guardian Force shall be authorized to employ necessary and proportionate force to defend and protect nature. This includes but is not limited to, intercepting and halting polluting activities, dismantling illegal infrastructure, and apprehending perpetrators for prosecution.

  4. Cooperation and Assistance: Participating nations shall pledge to cooperate fully with the Guardian Force by providing logistical support, sharing intelligence, and facilitating access to affected areas. Additionally, nations shall commit to enforcing the rulings and sanctions imposed by the Guardian Force on violators of the Sacred Water Treaty.

  5. Transparency and Accountability: The Guardian Force shall operate with transparency, regularly reporting its activities, findings, and outcomes to the governing body of the Sacred Water Treaty. Furthermore, mechanisms for accountability shall be established to ensure that the Guardian Force operates in accordance with the principles of justice, fairness, and respect for human rights.

  6. Diplomatic Immunity: The Guardian Force, established under the auspices of the Sacred Water Treaty, shall be granted diplomatic immunity to ensure its independence and effectiveness in carrying out its mandated duties. This diplomatic immunity extends to all members of the Guardian Force, including its staff, officers, and representatives, enabling them to operate freely and impartially in the pursuit of justice and environmental protection. Such immunity is essential to shield the Guardian Force from external pressures and influences, allowing it to execute its responsibilities with integrity and impartiality. By affording diplomatic privileges and immunities to the Guardian Force, we affirm our commitment to upholding the principles of international law and ensuring the preservation of our precious water resources for generations to come.


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