7. Unite the Tribes

After 2000 years, we are Uniting the Tribes of Aim Yisrael.

The Israelite Alliance (IA)

The Israelite Alliance is global alliance reuniting the 10 First Nations (aka Lost Tribes) of Aim Yisrael in order to begin the redemption by calling for a global ingathering of the Exiles. Today our alliance is a global network of Ancient Israelites which numbers in the hundreds of millions. Israelites hail from Africa to Asian across the Pacific and into the Americas. 3000 years ago, the Holy Spirit scattered the Tribes across the entire world. Now the Creator, whom is good, will fulfill His Promises to the Sons of Abraham. Baruch HaShem - blessed be the name of the Lord.

The First Nations Alliance (FNA)

The Israelite Alliance steward's the First Nation Alliance (FNA), a global network of First Nations dedicated to create a new economic trading bloc and global currency. Today there are roughly 500 million citizens of the First Nations Alliance.

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