Athleisure Wear

Heal Earth's athletics brand is dedicated to promoting health, wellness, spirituality and environmental stewardship by offering high-quality, eco-friendly sportswear and equipment. Gen Z, Millennials and the rise of remote work has led to the rapid growth of the athleisure wear category which now spans everything from athletics to office casual. Heal Earth's Athletics will cater to this rapidly growing market as we believe it is the future of clothing. We predict merchandise operations will be a multi-billion dollar brand by 2035. A significant percentage of profits will be used to do acts of goodness around the earth.

Go to Market Strategy

Ohai will emulate the direct to consumer (d2c) growth strategy of Gymshark & Darc Sport. Gymshark is a billion dollar online only consumer brand that targets millennials and gen z on instagram and social media channels. Tik-Tok is an untapped market to build a consumer retail clothing line that both does social good (feeding profits into the impact fund) and fits the trend for athleisure looks for home, work, gym and travel.

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