PeaceCorps 2.0

Executive Summary:

The proposal suggests merging AmeriCorps and Peace Corps into a unified program, to be named "AmeriPeace Corps," with a focus on providing vocational training to young Americans and deploying them domestically and internationally to areas in need of assistance. By combining the strengths and resources of both organizations, AmeriPeace Corps aims to create a more versatile and impactful platform for youth development and global engagement. Through vocational training and service opportunities, AmeriPeace Corps seeks to empower young Americans while addressing critical needs at home and abroad.


AmeriCorps and Peace Corps have long been recognized for their contributions to national and international service. However, the distinct missions and structures of these organizations have led to some inefficiencies and missed opportunities for collaboration. By merging these programs, we can harness their collective strengths to better serve both American communities and the global community.


  1. Provide Vocational Training: Develop comprehensive vocational training programs that equip young Americans with the skills needed for various industries, including healthcare, education, agriculture, infrastructure development, and technology.

  2. Domestic Deployment: Deploy AmeriPeace Corps members to underserved communities across the United States to address local needs such as education, healthcare, environmental conservation, disaster relief, and infrastructure development.

  3. International Deployment: Send AmeriPeace Corps volunteers on international assignments to partner countries, where they can support community development projects, promote cross-cultural exchange, and contribute to global peace and prosperity.

  4. Promote Youth Empowerment: Empower young Americans to become active citizens and global leaders by providing them with opportunities for personal growth, leadership development, and meaningful service experiences.

  5. Foster Collaboration: Facilitate collaboration between government agencies, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and private sector partners to maximize the impact of AmeriPeace Corps initiatives.

Implementation Plan:

  1. Organizational Structure: Establish a unified organizational structure for AmeriPeace Corps, with regional offices responsible for program implementation, volunteer support, and community partnerships.

  2. Vocational Training Programs: Develop vocational training programs in partnership with industry experts, educational institutions, and employers to ensure that participants acquire relevant skills and certifications.

  3. Recruitment and Selection: Recruit a diverse pool of candidates from across the United States through targeted outreach efforts, including schools, colleges, community organizations, and online platforms. Selection criteria should emphasize a commitment to service, cultural sensitivity, and adaptability.

  4. Deployment and Support: Provide comprehensive support to AmeriPeace Corps members throughout their service term, including pre-departure training, in-country orientation, ongoing mentorship, and access to resources for personal and professional development.

  5. Monitoring and Evaluation: Implement robust monitoring and evaluation mechanisms to assess the impact of AmeriPeace Corps programs, collect feedback from stakeholders, and continuously improve program effectiveness.

Budget and Funding:

Secure funding from government appropriations, private foundations, corporate sponsors, and individual donors to support the operations of AmeriPeace Corps, including recruitment, training, deployment, and volunteer stipends. Additionally, explore opportunities for cost-sharing and in-kind contributions from partner organizations and host communities.


The creation of AmeriPeace Corps represents a bold initiative to harness the energy, talent, and idealism of young Americans in service to their country and the world. By combining vocational training with meaningful service opportunities, AmeriPeace Corps will empower a new generation of leaders who are equipped to address the most pressing challenges facing our communities, both at home and abroad. We urge stakeholders to support this visionary proposal and help realize the transformative potential of AmeriPeace Corps. Together, we can build a brighter future for America and the global community.

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