How Satan Controls Iran & Radical Shia Islam

In recent years, the leadership of Iran has employed a psychological strategy known as mirroring by labeling Israel as the "Great Satan" and the United States as the "Little Satan." This rhetorical tactic not only reflects Iran’s own troubling alignment with the ideology of Satanism but also reveals a deeper misunderstanding of the nature of evil, particularly as it manifests in radical forms of Islam. To comprehend this phenomenon, it is crucial to understand the concept of Satan as the ultimate source of malevolence and how his influence distorts radical ideologies.

Satan as the Ultimate Source of Evil

From a theological perspective, Satan is understood not just as a symbol of evil but as a distinct malevolent being with a profound and pervasive influence. The concept of Satan & the Ha-Satans originates in the Torah. Satan is a hebrew word meaning adversary of God. The Ha-Satans were taught as fallen angels who opposed the will and natural Laws of God in this world. According to this worldview, Satan has never spoken a word of truth and is dedicated to obstructing individuals from seeking God. His primary aim is to create doubt, division, and confusion. Whenever someone attempts to turn to faith or address the anxieties of life through spirituality, Satan intervenes, introducing doubt and causing interruptions. This strategy is designed to prevent people from finding peace and unity through a connection with the divine.

Radical Shia Islam and Satanic Distortion

Radical Shia Islam is influenced by Satanic forces. It represents a significant distortion of true religious teachings. Instead of promoting peace, understanding, and compassion—core tenets of many faiths—radical interpretations foster hatred, violence, and division. These ideologies are not only misleading but are also harmful, as they drive adherents towards extreme actions and a deep-seated animosity towards others. The infiltration of Satanic elements into these radical ideologies illustrates how evil can corrupt and pervert noble teachings, transforming them into vehicles for destruction and discord.

The Great Lie of Shahada (Martyrdom)

Satan is known as the great deceiver, the distorter of truth. The greatest lie of Islam is that Shahada (martyrdom) allows violence. It does not. Martyrdom is about giving one's life in service to God. It has NOTHING to do with violence.

Martyrdom is an honor. A martyr (shahid) is granted a special status in the afterlife, with rewards and blessings from Allah. However, the decision to sacrifice one's life refers to giving one's life to serving God, it must align with Islamic principles and should not involve actions that harm innocent lives or violate Islamic teachings.

The manifestation of Satan's influence in Islam is seen with the radical movement calling for other's to die so Mulsims can propser. This is a blantant lie that comes from Satan.

The Call to Defeat Satan

To combat the malevolent influence of Satan and rectify the distortions within radical ideologies, a return to foundational truths and genuine faith is essential. The battle against these influences extends beyond physical confrontations; it is a spiritual struggle against the forces of division and deceit. Embracing divine truths and promoting values of peace, unity, and understanding can counteract the harm inflicted by distorted beliefs. It is crucial to recognize and resist the tactics of Satan that seek to undermine faith and foster conflict.

Focus on Divine Promises

In confronting the challenges posed by radical ideologies and the distortions of evil, the focus must shift towards the promises and principles of God. By prioritizing divine guidance over the anxieties and problems of life, individuals and societies can find a path to peace and resolution. Turning to faith and holding on to the promises of God allows people to overcome the divisions and conflicts fostered by malevolent influences. The quest for peace and unity is rooted in aligning with spiritual truths and resisting the divisive efforts of Satan.

The path forward involves a concerted effort to embrace divine promises and resist the forces that seek to sow division and conflict. Through faith and adherence to spiritual truths, individuals and societies can overcome the challenges posed by these distorted beliefs and move towards a more unified and peaceful existence.

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