Unconventional Tactics to Manage Narco-prisons

Narco prisons are often run by gangs and cartel members. In Ecuador for example, many prisons are run by the gangs. Many gang members in prison are armed with automatic weapons. Right now there are various prisons where guards are being held hostage by prisoners. The government has implemeneted a water fast in order to get the prisoners to comply. The prisoners are demanding good in order to release the guards. This brings us to discuss unconventional ways of social control of prisoners in narco states.

The Water Fast

A water fast is when someone does not eat food, only liquids. Humans can survive on water fasts for up to 6 months. Fasting is a spiritual disciple and is part of the human biological process. A 7 day water fast reduces your chance of cancer 90%. A water fast is a wonderful tool to force compliance amongst unruly prisons.

Imagine your government needs to negotiate with a prison run by cartels and gangs. What do you do? Your government stops sending food into the prison.

Imagine you have a prison where all the prisoners are holding weapons. Deploy the military to surround the prison and bring out armed machinery. Lock the prison doors, issue an order for all weapons to be forefeited and wait for the prisoners to surrender all weapons. If the prisoners fail to surrender all weapons after the military enters to conduct a compliance check then it is time to initiate a water fast.

Other methods of this fasting can be used for compliance. For example, if a prison house rule includes no fights or everyone goes on a 2 week water fast; this sets a precendece of self-regulation. Career criminals do not have an appreciation for the rules. Hence their situation. In order to help them understand the rules, it is useful to create rules that include severe consequences for their actions for ALL members of the community.

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