National Security Reform

Executive Summary

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was established to collect, analyze, and disseminate foreign intelligence to protect the United States' national security. However, evidence has emerged that the CIA has exceeded its charter, engaging in activities that undermine the democratic process within the United States. This includes spying on and influencing politicians, actions that are not only outside its mandate but also fundamentally detrimental to the integrity of US democracy. The violations of the CIA's charter is a form of treason. A precedent must be set to prevent government agencies from growing rogue and potentially operating their own shadow government.

Violations of the CIA's Charter

The CIA's charter explicitly limits its operations to foreign intelligence gathering and analysis. However, documented instances indicate that the CIA has:

  1. Spied on US Politicians: Engaging in unauthorized surveillance of elected officials, breaching privacy, and overstepping its legal boundaries.

  2. Domestic Bulk Data Collection: Since when does the Fourth Amendment allow government agencies to help themselves to Americans’ private data as long as they’re conducting agency business? Should police be able to search your house without a warrant as long as they’re investigating a crime? At this point, you’re probably wondering what kind of data the CIA is collecting in bulk and using to spy on Americans. We don’t know, because the Biden administration is refusing to declassify a single word about the nature of the program. Here is what we do know:

  3. Influenced Political Processes: Intervening in domestic political affairs by manipulating information and attempting to sway political outcomes, violating the principles of non-interference in democratic processes.

  4. Supported Drug Smuggling Operations: Engaging in and facilitating drug smuggling activities, such as those revealed in the Iran-Contra affair, where profits from illegal drug sales were used to fund covert operations.

  5. Subverted Congressional Oversight: Deliberately circumventing and obstructing the oversight mechanisms established by Congress, undermining democratic accountability and transparency.

Impact on US Democracy

These actions have compromised the trust and integrity of US democratic institutions. The interference in domestic politics not only undermines public confidence in the electoral process but also threatens the foundational principles of a democratic society.

Call for Action

Given these serious breaches, it is imperative to undertake significant reforms to restore trust and ensure that intelligence operations align with democratic values and legal frameworks. The following steps are recommended:

  1. Dissolution of the CIA: The CIA, in its current form, should be dissolved to prevent further abuses of power and restore faith in US intelligence operations.

  2. Refocus on Open-Source Intelligence: A new agency or restructured entity should be established with a primary focus on open-source intelligence (OSINT). This agency would emphasize transparency and legal compliance, leveraging publicly available information to support national security objectives.

  3. Transfer of Paramilitary Operations: The CIA's paramilitary operations, which have often involved commandeering special forces, should be transferred to the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). This would ensure these operations are conducted within a military framework, with appropriate oversight and adherence to military codes of conduct.

  4. Prosecution of Former Directors and Assets: To uphold the rule of law and deter future misconduct, former CIA directors and assets who have been complicit in compromising US democracy should be prosecuted. Holding these individuals accountable is essential for demonstrating a commitment to legal and ethical standards.


The misuse of power by the CIA has resulted in serious violations of its charter and interference in the democratic process. To protect the integrity of US democracy and ensure effective and ethical intelligence operations, the CIA must be dissolved, its focus shifted towards open-source intelligence, and its paramilitary functions transferred to the DIA. Additionally, those responsible for these transgressions must be prosecuted to reaffirm the principles of justice and accountability.


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