Heal Earth



❤️ God is Love
Love is from God. God's Kingdom Lives in our Hearts.
❤️ God is Good
We believe the God is Good because We Were Given the Gift of Life and a beautiful home on this sacred Earth.
❤️ Gratitude is the Attitude
We believe cultivating Gratitude is the way to inner peace. We Give Thanks Always.
❤️ We Love Our Relatives
We Honor God by loving all of God's children with all our heart, mind and soul. We see all beings as our relatives.
❤️ Kindness is the Way
We believe in sharing Kindness, Joy, Charity and Compassion with all our relations.
❤️ Care for the Earth
We believe in giving our Children a better world.
❤️ We're Here to Build the Kingdom
We believe in living a life of heavenly action where our resources serve God.