Calling All Special Operators to Run for Congres

June 21, 2024

Operation De Opresso Liber: a Call to Action for Congressional Reform

At Heal Earth, we are issuing a call to all current and former special operators, urging them to run for government positions. Our best guardians and warriors must ascend to higher office within the next decade to drive the necessary constitutional amendments and restore democratic integrity.

The Second Civil War

The assassination of We The People's President John F. Kennedy Jr. on November 22, 1963 by CIA contractors ignited the 2nd Civil War, underscoring the agency's rogue operations and manipulation of U.S. democracy. This silent conflict represents a broader struggle against the national security state and crony capitalism, which have effectively overthrown the U.S. Constitution and the Republic. This situation highlights a profound emergency: the systemic entrenchment of domestic enemies within our government and institutions. Foxes are in the henhouse.

CIA Preventing Disclosure on JFK Jr. Hit

The CIA has prevented disclosure on the use of intermediaries for the assassination plot to protect their rogue organization. Former President Donald Trump issued a statement of testimony in support of these claims:

The CIA continues to violate their charter by operating domestic surveillance operations against American citizens.

Learn more about documented evidence of the CIA violating their charter and working to subvert the constitution and the US government at the link below.

National Security Reform

Acceleration of the Second Civil War

Legislation and executive actions, such as the USA PATRIOT Act, have expanded government surveillance and limited civil liberties, creating a legal framework designed to stifle dissent and consolidates power for this silent coup.

The militarization of police, with the transfer of military-grade equipment to local forces, blurs the lines between military and law enforcement roles, leading to excessive force against peaceful protesters and marginalized communities.

Capital plays a significant role in this dynamic through the influence of wealthy individuals, corporations, and special interest groups in politics and governance. The Citizens United v. FEC decision significantly increased the political power of money by allowing unlimited corporate and union spending in elections, leading to a system where campaign finance heavily influences policy decisions.

Lobbying by powerful interest groups resulted in legislation that favors the wealthy and entrenched interests, often at the expense of the broader public. Economic inequality exacerbates this influence, as the wealthy can leverage their resources to shape public policy and political discourse.

Media ownership by a few large corporations also contributes to this dynamic by controlling the flow of information and framing political narratives in ways that support their interests. Together, these factors create a situation where democratic institutions are subverted not through overt violence but through the strategic use of national security apparatus and economic power to control, suppress, and manipulate political processes.

The civil war significantly accelerated in 2016 during the Trump administration. Allegations surfaced that state institutions were manipulated to plant evidence and hamstring President Trump and his administration. This conflict intensified after the election of President Biden. The Biden Administration has been caught using the FBI to plant fake evidence against Trump in order to prosecute his political opponent, use the power of the Executive office to force media companies to collude and censor American citizens, collude with Foreign governments to extort bribes in exchange for favors, and commit dereliction of duty under the constitution to allow a surge of illegal immigrants and terrorists into the country in order to further the agenda of America's adversaries.

This silent "Second Civil War" represents a profound struggle over the future of democracy in the United States, with significant implications for civil liberties, political representation, and social justice.

Psychological Warfare

The continuation of this civil war is facilitated by the Obama administration's deregulation of psychological weapons against American citizens, fundamentally undermining democratic processes and freedoms. We are calling for a prohibition on the user of psychological weapons on US Citizens.

Prohibit Psychological Weapons on US Citizens

Constitutional Reforms

To address the profound challenges facing our nation and restore the integrity of our constitutional democracy, we are calling for a Constitutional Convention under Article V of the U.S. Constitution. This convention will provide a critical platform to propose amendments that can fortify the republic against the overreach of the national security state and crony capitalism. By invoking Article V, we aim to implement necessary structural reforms that will protect individual liberties, ensure governmental accountability, and reestablish the foundational principles of our democracy. This is an urgent and pivotal step to safeguard our nation’s future and reaffirm the power of "We the People" in governing our country. Learn more about the structural reforms we are advocating for at the link below:

Constitutional Convention

Our path forward is clear: we must communicate this crisis effectively and mobilize our finest guardians to take on leadership roles, ensuring the preservation and revitalization of our constitutional democracy.


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