Zero Tolerance for Sexual Misconduct with Minors

June 21, 2024

Heal Earth Church Issues Statement On Robert Morris and Gateway Church

Heal Earth Church, the Official Church of Christ, is issuing a call to all Christian platforms to remove content associated with Robert Morris. In a bold and righteous move, Daystar Television Network has already taken the commendable step of removing his content from their programming.

"We stand with Daystar Television Network in their decision to remove content from Robert Morris. This action reflects our shared commitment to uphold the values and integrity of the teachings of Christ. We pray for healing within the Gateway Church community and for Robert Morris and his family. However, it is essential to note that Robert Morris is officially banned from ministerial services at any Church of Christ." said Matthew Weintrub, Founder of Heal Earth Church.

This decision is not solely about Robert Morris, but it represents a broader call for justice and accountability within all churches that practice the teachings of Christ. As we move forward, it is imperative that we address any actions that compromise the sanctity and moral integrity of God's Church.

We urge other Christian platforms to join Daystar TV in this crucial step towards ensuring that our faith communities are safe and morally sound.

Announcing Exile of Vatican Leadership from the True Church of Christ for Pedophilia and Cover-Ups

Heal Earth Church, the Official Church of Christ, announces a decisive stance against any form of sexual misconduct, particularly those involving minors. Effective immediately, we declare that individuals who have committed the grievous sin of engaging in sexual acts with minors are unequivocally unfit to serve as pastors or preachers within any Church of Christ.

This declaration comes in light of ongoing reports and revelations regarding the protection of pedophiles within the Catholic Church. We assert that such actions are in direct violation of the teachings of Christ and the principles of righteousness that the Church stands for. As such, members of the Catholic Church who are found guilty of these heinous acts are exiled from the true Church of Christ.

Furthermore, we condemn the actions of Vatican leadership in covering up these crimes. Their complicity in allowing such immoral behavior to persist cannot be overlooked. As a result, the leadership of the Vatican is hereby exiled for their role in these cover-ups.

"We must hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and ensure that those who lead congregations are above reproach. Protecting our children and maintaining the integrity of our faith is paramount. There is no place within the true Church of Christ for those who commit or conceal such despicable acts," said Matthew Weintrub.

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