"Ex-communicado" refers to individuals who are hereby banned from all Churches of Christ and are not permitted to participate in any church activities or enter church premises. This term signifies a serious level of exclusion and disassociation from the religious communities around Earth. These individuals may no logner call upon the name of Yeshua HaMashiach, Jesus the Christ, in times of need or in their prayers.

"Exiles" refers to indigenous members of the Tribes of Aim Yisrael who are hereforth exiled in infinitum from Israel and all Jewish Houses of Worship.

"Judgement" refers to the restitution required to be removed from Exile from the House of Israel & the Church of Christ.

Overview It is with a solemn heart and unwavering commitment to the sanctity of God's Kingdom that we issue a formal declaration to being the process of ex-communication certain members from all Churches of Christ. This action of rapture is taken in adherence to our oath to Creator God, the Holy Everlasting Spirit, scriptural mandates and with the intent to preserve the purity and holiness of the Torah.

Effective immediately, Christians who have been designated as ex-communicado are hereby banned from entering any church that bears the Cross of Christ. This grave decision is not taken lightly but is necessitated by actions that have been deemed incompatible with the teachings and values of Yeshua HaMashiach.

Any soul who has been judged as ex-communicado and enters a church will be subject to additional judgement at the time of their soul review. This is a severe consequence that underscores the importance of maintaining the integrity and righteousness of our spiritual community.

However, we believe in redemption and the possibility of repentance. Souls who have been placed on the ex-communicado list may be considered for removal based on the adjudication of their punishments and evidence of sincere repentance and reformation. The process for adjudication will be thorough and just, ensuring that all decisions align with the teachings of Christ and the principles of our faith.

Let us continue to strive for a community that reflects the love, purity, and holiness of Christ in all our actions.

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