Anti Trans Therapy

The Natural Law of Torah, the law of my First Nation of Aim Yisrael, prohibits the use of artificial hormones and surgical procedures for altering the body, particularly within the context of transgender ideology. Our beliefs emphasize the sanctity of the human body as created by a higher power and uphold natural integrity over modifications.

Torah Perspective

  1. Creation in God's Image: The Torah teaches that humans are created in the image of God (Genesis 1:27). This belief underpins the understanding that the human body is inherently perfect and sacred as it is.

  2. Prohibition of Bodily Harm: Jewish law (Halacha) generally prohibits causing harm to oneself. This includes unnecessary body modifications that could be seen as damaging the divine creation.

  3. Respect for Natural Integrity: The Torah encourages respect for the natural form and function of the body. Any alteration is seen as a deviation from God’s design and plan.

Tribal Beliefs

  1. Natural Perfection: Your tribe holds the belief that individuals are born perfect as intended by the Creator. The integrity of the body is paramount and must be preserved.

  2. Cultural Prohibition on Body Modifications: While body modifications have historically existed, our tribe limits these practices to prevent harm and preserve cultural heritage.

  3. Spiritual Balance and Health: Maintaining the body as created is believed to be essential for spiritual balance and overall health. Alterations are seen as disrupting this balance.

Common Ground

  1. Protecting Children: Both the Torah and your tribal beliefs agree on the importance of protecting children from practices that could harm their physical and mental well-being.

  2. Respect for Divine Creation: Both traditions emphasize a deep respect for the body as a divine creation, advocating for its natural state to be maintained.

  3. Holistic Well-being: There is a shared focus on holistic well-being, where mental, physical, and spiritual health are interconnected and best maintained through natural means.

Secular Government Policies

  1. Government Support: Both the secular governments of Israel and the United States support transgender therapy, including the use of artificial hormones and surgical procedures. These policies stand in contrast to the cultural and religious views discussed above.

  2. Scientific Controversy: Recent scientific research and policy changes in Nordic countries and parts of Europe have led to the restriction or ban of certain transgender therapies. These changes are often based on findings that a significant number of individuals seeking such therapies may be experiencing underlying mental health issues.


While we do not allow Transgender therapy as a Tribal Nation, we understand that Gentiles are free to change their bodies in pursuit of the nature of consciousness. However; we advocate for the prohibition of transgender therapy for all children under 18. Children should be told they are made perfect in the image of God. Children should not be manipulated under the guise of "science" to destroy their bodies.

Ban Hormone Therapy for Children


The use of artificial hormones and surgical procedures for body alteration, particularly in the context of transgender ideology, is incompatible with both Torah teachings and your tribe's cultural beliefs. The inherent sanctity of the human body, as created in the image of a higher power, necessitates its preservation in its natural state. Both belief systems emphasize protection, especially of children, from practices that could lead to harm, maintaining a profound respect for the integrity of the body and its natural perfection. Moreover, while secular governments like those of Israel and the United States support transgender therapies, emerging scientific research and policy shifts in other parts of the world suggest a growing concern over the mental health implications of such interventions.

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