Investigating Suppression of Early Treatment

If the U.S. government were found to have suppressed evidence of effective treatments for COVID-19 in order to promote COVID-19 vaccines, it could potentially be viewed as a violation of ethical principles, including those articulated in the Nuremberg Code. The Nuremberg Code, established after World War II to address ethical issues in human experimentation, emphasizes voluntary consent, informed consent, and the right to withdraw from experiments, among other principles. Here’s a detailed examination of the implications:

Potential Violation of the Nuremberg Code

The Nuremberg Code outlines ten principles for ethical medical research. The relevant principles in this context might include:

  1. Voluntary Consent: Ensuring that individuals are fully informed about their options, including alternative treatments.

  2. Avoiding Unnecessary Suffering: If effective treatments were available and suppressed, this could be seen as causing unnecessary suffering.

  3. Beneficence and Non-Maleficence: The obligation to maximize benefits and minimize harm to patients.

If it were proven that the government knowingly suppressed effective treatments, it could be interpreted as a violation of these principles because individuals were not given all the information needed to make an informed decision, possibly leading to harm.

  1. Legal Action: There could be significant legal ramifications, including lawsuits from individuals or groups who suffered as a result of not having access to effective treatments. These could be class-action lawsuits or individual claims.

  2. Loss of Trust: Such actions would likely lead to a significant erosion of public trust in government institutions and public health agencies, which could have long-term impacts on public health initiatives and compliance.

  3. Policy Changes: There could be a push for more stringent oversight and transparency in the approval and dissemination of medical treatments and vaccines. Legislative changes might be implemented to ensure greater accountability and transparency.

  4. International Repercussions: As the Nuremberg Code is recognized internationally, such a violation could affect the U.S.'s standing and reputation in the global medical and scientific communities. There might be calls for international investigations or sanctions.

  5. Ethical and Professional Repercussions: Medical professionals and scientists involved in the suppression could face professional consequences, including loss of medical licenses or positions, and damage to their reputations.

  6. Public Health Impact: The immediate impact would be on public health outcomes, as people who might have benefited from suppressed treatments could have suffered unnecessarily. Long-term impacts could include increased skepticism about vaccines and other medical recommendations.


It clearly states in the Nuermberg Code of which the United States of America is a signatore that "coercion" is a violation of the code. Evidence will hereby be produced that show Dr. Anthony Fauci and accomplices at a minimum "coerced" US Citizens into an experiment gene therapy.

Burden of Proof

For these consequences to be realized, it would need to be proven that:

  • Effective treatments were indeed available and known to authorities.

  • These treatments were intentionally suppressed.

  • The suppression was done to promote vaccines.

  • This suppression led to direct harm to individuals.

Fauci Emails Reveal He Knew Hydroxychloroquine Was Effective in China by March 2020, Yet Continued Public Criticism.

The NIH published in their Virology Journal that chloroquine was "a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread".

They didn't want it used so the fatality numbers would increase which helped them justify lockdowns and requiring experimental jabs that big pharma made billions from and Fauci received royalties off of.

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