CIA Violations of National Security Laws and Domestic Charter

June 29, 2024 | Dallas, TX

In light of mounting evidence and public concern, we at Heal.Earth advocate for the Congressional Oversight Committee to announce a comprehensive investigation into the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) for continued violations of national security laws and its domestic charter.

This decision follows revelations of the CIA's involvement in warrantless wiretapping and unauthorized domestic surveillance programs, as well as the Agency's surveillance of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Statement from Matthew Weintrub:

"Today, we call upon Congress to uphold the rule of law and protect the constitutional rights of American citizens. The CIA's repeated disregard for legal boundaries and oversight mechanisms poses a grave threat to our democratic principles. This investigation aims to ensure accountability and restore public trust in our intelligence community. We are calling for comprehensive reforms within the National Security aparatus of the US government."


Recent congressional investigations have uncovered alarming practices within the CIA, including:

  1. Warrantless Wiretapping and Domestic Surveillance: Reports have surfaced that the CIA has been conducting a warrantless wiretapping program, targeting American citizens without the necessary legal authorization. This program, operating in direct violation of national security laws and the Agency's charter, represents a severe overreach of power and an infringement on the privacy rights of individuals.

  2. Surveillance of the Senate Intelligence Committee: In an unprecedented breach of trust and legal boundaries, the CIA was caught surveilling the Senate Intelligence Committee. This committee, responsible for overseeing the intelligence community and ensuring its adherence to the law, was itself subjected to unauthorized surveillance by the very agency it was meant to oversee. This action not only undermines the integrity of congressional oversight but also raises serious concerns about the CIA's respect for democratic institutions.

Read more details about the CIA's violations of its charter and the constitution here:

Investigation Objectives

The Congressional Oversight Committee will focus on several key areas during this investigation:

  • Assessing the Scope and Impact: A thorough examination of the extent and impact of the CIA's warrantless wiretapping and domestic surveillance activities on American citizens' privacy rights.

  • Identifying Accountability: Determining the individuals and decision-making processes within the CIA responsible for authorizing and implementing these illegal programs.

  • Evaluating Oversight Mechanisms: Analyzing the effectiveness of existing oversight mechanisms and identifying any gaps that allowed these violations to occur.

  • Proposing Reforms: Developing recommendations for legislative and administrative reforms to prevent future abuses of power and enhance the accountability of the intelligence community.

Commitment to Transparency

The Congressional Oversight Committee is committed to conducting this investigation with the highest degree of transparency and integrity. Regular updates will be provided to the public, and hearings will be held to ensure that the American people are informed about the progress and findings of this investigation.


The CIA plays a crucial role in safeguarding national security, but it must operate within the bounds of the law and respect the rights of American citizens. This investigation is a critical step toward ensuring that the intelligence community adheres to its legal and ethical obligations. The Congressional Oversight Committee remains dedicated to upholding the principles of democracy and protecting the constitutional rights of all Americans.


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