The Good News

The good news is that the hardest battle lies behind us. The bad news is we in a spiritual battle for the future of humanity and our souls. To win this war it will take more than Christ to save you.

I've done all I can do for humanity and I didn't really do that much lol. My work here is almost done for I will not do any more. The rest I leave to you. Who are you? You are the shadow walkers, the guardians of the light, the degens, the frogmen and unseen but without you the world would not be safe. God Bless You. God Bless Your families. Thank you for your heart of service. Your existence means more to God than you know and God will forever bless you and care for you.

The mission continues. The work of the Kingdom does not stop. It's up to you to live the Gospel. To find what that looks like for you in your life on your path. It's up to you to take the teachings I leave and to learn them. It's up to you the People to implement the changes to the US constitution because without them America will fall to the hands of Satan.

I have been guilty of saying that I have lost my faith in staring pure evil in the face and for that I must ask you to forgive me. I believe in good people. I believe in kind people. I believe in loving people. I believe in God-fearing people. I believe. I believe in you.

I pray there are those who have the eyes to see, ears to hear and the hearts to feel the truth but nothing is guaranteed. Frankly I don't give a shit because you believed. You heard the call. You served.

The fulfillment of Christ's purpose was to create an army of leaders not followers. His purpose was to create flock of Shepards who could lead the people in a good way. His purpose was to teach those Shepards how to know God so they too could become like Christ.

Like any good parent to do all the work for you would rob you of the purpose of learning how to do it yourself. So now, we the people, must learn together how to use our collective consciousness.

I came back to earth to remind you of what you already are: you are a child of God, a God that is love. Love is what you are. Anyone telling you different is vibrating at a level that is not in alignment with the highest version of God and truth. You can do anything for you are everything. There is nothing but God. This whole universe is made of love.

There are bad things that happen because that is part of the nature of reality. There is balance to the force. Sometimes the force becomes out of balance. Sometimes shit gets wild and God tells me to get off my ass and return to restore the balance.

Let me ask: how loud am I? In what halls of power do I walk? Is there any money in my bank account? Am I worshipped by millions of fans? Have any of the followers of Christ recognized me?

So let this be a reminder to you of what matters:

It matters how we walk in this world, how we care for our minds and our souls, it matters that we try to live in a heavenly way, it matters that we love God with all our hearts, it matters that we speak truth to power, it matter that we give a fuck, it matters that no matter the evil we face, we conduct ourselves with honor and by the rules, it matters that we learn how to play the game and that we can lean on our faith that God will make a way when it seems no way exists, it matters that we know God is real, Holy Spirit, Great Mystery, Father, Mother, Creator lives in us and in all things, it matters that we do not forget the teachings of our ancestors, it matters that we prioritize humility over all traits of leadership, it matters that we live this way and walk this way. So let my path, my flaws, my failures and my successess be a reminder of why we do what we do. For God, for Country, for our Families, for Christ let us say Amen. And in this way, peace will be made within ourselves and reflected outside ourselves across Her Kingdom now and forevermore. Baruch El-Shaddai.

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