Fire SEC Chair Gary Gensler for Dereliction of Duty

In light of recent developments and ongoing concerns regarding financial market oversight, we call for the immediate firing and potential arrest of Gary Gensler, Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The serious allegations against Gensler include dereliction of duty, failure to regulate dark pools adequately, collusion with high-profile financial fraudsters, and an apparent collaboration with major financial institutions to undermine the cryptocurrency sector. These actions have jeopardized market integrity and public trust.

Allegations Against Gary Gensler

  1. Dereliction of Duty Regarding Dark Pools:

    • Failure to Regulate: Under Gensler’s leadership, the SEC has been criticized for allowing dark pools to operate with insufficient transparency and regulatory oversight. Dark pools, while legitimate trading venues, have been associated with market manipulation risks and conflicts of interest, mirroring concerns raised by the 1930s Senate Banking Committee about collusive practices.

    • Potential for Market Collapse: The lack of stringent regulation of dark pools poses a significant risk to market stability. Inadequate oversight could facilitate manipulative trading practices, leading to a potential market collapse and harming retail investors.

  2. Collusion with Sam Bankman-Fried:

    • Financial Fraud: Sam Bankman-Fried, the founder of FTX, is now serving time in prison for orchestrating the largest financial fraud in history. Allegations suggest that Gensler’s office may have had improper interactions with Bankman-Fried, potentially compromising regulatory efforts and failing to prevent significant financial misconduct.

    • Potential Influence: The nature of any collusion or collaboration between Gensler’s office and Bankman-Fried requires thorough investigation to determine if there were lapses in oversight or if regulatory actions were influenced by improper relationships.

  3. Collusion with Big Banks Against Crypto:

    • Regulatory Bias: There are claims that Gensler and the SEC have worked with major banks to stifle the growth of the cryptocurrency industry. Such actions may reflect a bias that prioritizes the interests of traditional financial institutions over innovative financial technologies, potentially harming the crypto market and limiting competition.

    • Implications for Innovation: If proven, this collusion could have significant negative implications for financial innovation, market competition, and the broader economy.

Call to Action

  1. Immediate Firing:

    • We demand the immediate dismissal of Gary Gensler from his position as SEC Chair. His alleged failures and potential conflicts of interest undermine the integrity of the SEC and compromise the regulatory framework essential for fair and transparent financial markets.

  2. Investigation and Potential Arrest:

    • An independent and comprehensive investigation should be conducted to assess the validity of the allegations against Gensler. If evidence of criminal conduct or severe misconduct is found, legal actions, including potential arrest, should be pursued to uphold the rule of law and ensure accountability.

  3. Strengthening Regulatory Oversight:

    • In light of these concerns, it is crucial to implement reforms that enhance transparency and oversight of dark pools and other financial trading mechanisms. Regulatory frameworks must be updated to address the evolving landscape of financial markets and prevent similar issues in the future.


The serious allegations against SEC Chair Gary Gensler, including his failure to regulate dark pools, potential collusion with financial fraudsters, and possible bias against the cryptocurrency industry, necessitate immediate action. Ensuring accountability and restoring trust in financial regulatory institutions is essential for maintaining market integrity and protecting investors. We call for his firing and, if warranted, his arrest to address these grave concerns and safeguard the future of our financial system.

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