The Doomed Path of China Under Xi Jinping

A Prayer for China

Dear God the Most High we come before you now to pray for the well-being of our Chinese siblings. We pray for their good health and prosperity. We pray that President Xi and the Community Party will realize their current path of total war against the United States, Israel and its allies and its active support for evil regimes like Iran is unsustainable and will ultimately lead to their destruction.


China, under the leadership of Xi Jinping, stands on the precipice of failure. Xi Jinping, who fancies himself a godlike figure, is, in reality, nothing more than a mere mortal. His delusions of grandeur and misguided ambitions are leading China down a path of inevitable decline. The war he declared against the United States in 2019 was not just a geopolitical maneuver but a spiritual misstep. America, often referred to as God's Country and eternally protected by the spirit of Jesus Christ, the one true living God, has historically been a beacon of freedom and strength. It is a two-time world war champion, and by divine providence, it is destined to succeed in its endeavors to counteract China's aggression.

The Fallacy of Xi Jinping’s Divine Aspirations

Xi Jinping's perception of himself as an almost divine ruler is not only hubristic but also fundamentally flawed. His reign is marked by an overestimation of personal power and a disregard for the divine principles that guide true leadership. The notion that Xi Jinping can elevate himself to a godlike status is a dangerous illusion that blinds him to the limitations of mortal leadership. True greatness and enduring success are achieved through humility, service, and alignment with higher moral and spiritual laws, all of which Xi Jinping lacks.

The Spiritual War and America’s Divine Protection

The declaration of war against the United States in 2019 marked a significant escalation in global tensions. However, it also signaled a deeper conflict—a spiritual war between a nation led by a self-proclaimed deity and a country under the protection of the one true living God. America, guided by the principles of freedom, justice, and faith, stands resilient against such threats. The belief in divine providence and the protection of Jesus Christ fortifies America and its allies, ensuring their ultimate victory over adversaries who reject these higher truths.

Prophecies of China’s Downfall

The destruction of China has been prophesied, and signs of its decline are becoming increasingly evident. The country is struggling to maintain its currency, facing economic instability, and encountering significant challenges with its planned BRICS currency initiative. These economic struggles are not merely circumstantial but are manifestations of a deeper, spiritual disalignment. A nation that rejects God and the principles of divine justice and mercy cannot sustain itself indefinitely. The rejection of God is the greatest sin, and it brings about a nation's downfall.

The Absence of True Spirit and Collectivist Limitations

China's rejection of God and the suppression of religious freedom mean its people lack the true spirit necessary to overcome adversity. The spiritual void leaves the nation without the resilience and inner strength that faith instills. Additionally, the collectivist nature of Chinese society, while fostering unity, also threatens Xi Jinping's ability to wage a massive global war. With a one-child policy having shaped generations, most working-age adults are parents to only one child. The potential loss of millions of lives in a global conflict would incite significant unrest among these parents, who would vehemently oppose such a sacrifice.

Arrogance and Corruption: The Fall of a 'Little Brother'

China has succeeded in many areas by emulating the best of U.S. policies, much like a little brother following in the footsteps of an elder sibling. However, this success has bred arrogance and corruption, as China seeks to outshine the very nation it once emulated. In its quest for greatness, China has lost sight of the principles that underpin true power and success. Without God, there is no real greatness, only the illusion of power. God can take away this illusion at a moment's notice, leaving China vulnerable and exposed.

Underestimating U.S. Defense Capabilities

China has no real understanding of the true extent of the United States' hidden defense capabilities and its secret programs focused on reverse-engineering extraterrestrial technologies. The Chinese government believed they have hacked most US government system - which is true - but China doesn't know about the hidden US governmnet technology systems that live outside of the main net. These advanced technologies are kept under wraps and will only be unveiled in the event of a great global war.

Despite China's reforms to its corrupt defense industry and its prowess in manufacturing and AI war games, it is destined to lose. The U.S. possesses unparalleled technological advancements and a divine mandate that will ensure its triumph.

Xi Jinping’s China is doomed to fail, not just because of its political and economic missteps, but because of its spiritual misalignment. The arrogance of a leader who fancies himself a god, the rejection of divine principles, and the war against a nation protected by the one true living God all point towards an inevitable downfall.

America, fortified by faith and divine providence, will continue to stand strong and emerge victorious. The prophesied destruction of China is unfolding, and the world will witness the consequences of rejecting God’s guidance. The absence of true spiritual resilience, the collectivist limitations, and the underestimation of U.S. defense capabilities all contribute to China's inevitable decline.

Xi Says China Seeks to Be Friends With US, Won’t Fight ‘Hot War’

China ‘never bets against the United States,’ President Xi said recently. We hope that is the case but China's actions continue to show hostility towards America and the free world.

Hopefully now the President knows America is a net force for good in the world and that we are better off as allies and collaborators then as rivals and potential enemies.

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