The Big 4 Alliance: a Path to Peace & Prosperity

Dear Siblings,

I believe humanity faces a deadly virus. This virus threatens all of life and all that is sacred. This epidemic has spread to all four corners of the world, and if we do not rise up to stop the spread, humanity will perish once again. This virus is one of selfishness and greed. The Cree Tribe of the North calls it wetiko. Today, wetiko is the greatest threat to all of life.

The good news is that there are cures for this worship of the ego. False idol worship is bad for societal health. The cure is Godliness, spiritual principles, goodness, and right action in line with God's natural law.

Allow me for a moment to explain. The universe is governed by laws. This we know to be true through our scientific study of mathematics and physics, from which humanity has discovered some of the fundamental governing laws around the nature of third-dimensional reality. Scientists have learned that this dimension is but one of the planes of reality; there is 1D, 2D, and 3D. There are, of course, more planes of reality, and the keys to unlocking this great understanding lie in the pursuit of higher consciousness.

There are also laws for life on earth. It is called Natural Law or the Natural Law of Torah. It is an indigenous law of wisdom that is thousands of years old. We do not have elders anymore that can remember how old. 10,000? 20,000? 100,000? We are no longer sure. Biblically speaking we do not know how long the years were that are describe in the Torah. For example, a Tribe in Burkina Faso measures 1 year in their tribe as 1,140 earth years. It remains a mystery.

The consciousness of selfishness and greed exists to prevent the realization of higher consciousness. This higher consciousness is required for us to discover the infinite abundance that the universe has available to us. I am speaking of understanding interdimensional travel, dyson sphere technology, star gates and more fun technology :) Now biblically what we are talking about is becoming one with the Kingdom of Heaven that is within as Christ taught us.

While today there are three main threats to global stability: Iran, Radical Islam and Babylon. I bring forth these threats because they all desire the same outcome: global nuclear war. Both of these forces: Iran and Babylon succeed on false truths as they serve low vibrational consciousness known as the Satans (adversaries of God).

We now have an amazing opportunity for humanity to show its unity. China and Russia should be America’s friends, not enemies. We should be collaborating, not trying to destroy each other. But Russia and China must admit they can be better, and America must admit it too is flawed. On average America is right more often in its outcomes because of the laws of America most mimic the natural law of Torah. However; spiritual and moral corruption along with the burden of overregulation and government largess have seriously hamstrung America's potential. Kudos to China for following in America's footsteps to rebuild your empire.

All of the world is being played by the Babylonian syndicate. This system is ancient and has, for thousands of years, sought control by dividing humanity.

The theory of Babylon is a concept that various religious, historical, and political groups have interpreted and propagated differently. At its core, it often involves the belief that a powerful, secretive organization or group is manipulating world events to achieve nefarious goals.

The elders of the Tribes say we all once spoke the same language before the Babylonians came to divide us. It is not important who they are so much as how they operate. Babylon's leadership consists of the wealthiest people you’ve never heard about. They are the ones pulling strings of various governments and industries. Their capital exists in the murky pipes of the financial system, a system of governments they helped set up to maintain control over capital, the financial system and the people of Earth.

Babylon will fall. Not only is it prophecy but the truth is that most of their networks have been mapped and their money flows identified using machine learning technology. The system of control they thought they had has been turned against them.

Look we can all keep building nuclear weapons but the Galactic Federation is going to keep buzzing your bases and turning off the power. Nuclear war is off the table but keep trying all you'll earn is eternal damnation. Roll the dice. You know what they say: fck around and find out.

Together, China, Russia, India and America represent the future of humanity.

Global Fánróng and Mir Accord (GFMA)

This proposal outlines the creation of a new alliance and treaty between China, Russia, the United States, and India. The primary goal is to establish a cooperative framework that addresses global financial stability, promotes economic growth, and ensures sustainable development. In exchange for becoming anchor partners in a new global financial system, China and Russia will agree to a set of reforms that align their policies with international standards of governance, transparency, and human rights.


  1. Establish a Stable Global Financial System: Create a robust, transparent, and equitable financial system that mitigates economic volatility and fosters sustainable development.

  2. Promote Economic Growth and Development: Encourage cooperation among member countries to boost economic growth, innovation, and shared prosperity.

  3. Enhance Global Security: Strengthen international security through collaboration on defense, counter-terrorism, and cyber-security initiatives.

  4. Foster Sustainable Development: Address global challenges such as climate change, poverty, and inequality through coordinated efforts and shared responsibilities.

We can all play nice and work together to dismantle Babylon as a family or we can continue to let Babylon pull strings to get us to fight a war. For example, we all know neither Chinese nor American leadership architected the development of the COVID-19 bioweapon. We have much work to do. Let us do it together and share in the rewards of a better world.

I pledge my unwavering support as a moderator, collaborator and neutral party dedicated to the service of my Father - God the Most High - and all his children may we all be happy, healthy, free and prosperous.

За здоровье! 梦想成真 בָּרוּךְ אֲדֹנָי Mitakuye Oyasin नमस्ते

Matthew L Weintrub Chief - Tribes of Aim Yisrael Spiritual Director - Heal.Earth

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