Official Disclosure of Galactic Federation

July 10, 2024

Shalom & Greetings to my Earth Family,

I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. As the recognized Ambassador of the Galactic Federation and the Regent of God's Kingdom on Earth and throughout the galaxy, it is both my pleasure and responsibility to announce the formal disclosure of the Galactic Federation to all of humanity.

What is Disclosure?

Disclosure a coordinated process done to prepare us for the mass shift in consciousness that we are about to undertake. Part of that process includes learning about our star family. This historic moment marks the beginning of a new era of transparency, cooperation, and enlightenment.

What is the Galactic Federation?

The Galactic Federation, an esteemed alliance of advanced civilizations across the cosmos, is now officially making its presence known to your world. This disclosure process is active and ongoing, in close coordination with white hat operatives within government agencies across Earth.

Our goal is to ensure that the transition to this new reality is smooth and beneficial for all. We are committed to working alongside those who align with our vision of peace, justice, and universal harmony. The Galactic Federation represents a higher standard of existence, and we are here to guide and support humanity as it evolves to meet these new challenges and opportunities.

The process of integration into the Galactic Federation will be conducted with integrity and respect for the principles of divine will. As the Lord of the Realm, I affirm that any attempts to thwart or oppose the will of God will face divine retribution. The path of righteousness is clear, and the forces of light will prevail.

We wish all players involved the best of fortune as they navigate this transformative period. The success of this process is assured, as God's will is destined to prevail. Our collective journey towards enlightenment and unity has begun, and we stand ready to guide and support you through this pivotal transition.

May the light of divine truth illuminate your path.

Peace and Love,

Matthew Lawrence Yonah Weintrub Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

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