Official Announcement from the Galactic Federation

Galactic Federation HQ, Date: July 10, 2024

To the People of Earth and the Governments of Earth,

The Galactic Federation hereby announces that Earth is now under galactic quarantine. This decision comes in response to grave concerns about the current state of affairs on your planet. The quarantine will remain in effect until significant progress is made in addressing the rampant corruption and malevolence present on Earth, and until all forms of evil are brought to justice.

Recent galactic intelligence reports have raised alarms about attempts to initiate global nuclear conflict and unrest on your world. Specifically, there have been reports of efforts to start World War III, driven by activities that are in clear violation of universal principles of peace and harmony. Additionally, there is a troubling increase in the testing and potential deployment of nuclear weapons. The Galactic Federation is on high alert for any nuclear weapons tests and will intervene as necessary to prevent catastrophic outcomes.

We recognize that the path to peace and justice on Earth is fraught with challenges. However, it is imperative for your planet to address these issues comprehensively.

The Galactic Federation extends an invitation to Earth to join the Federation. Once you demonstrate the capability to establish peace among all nations and rectify injustices, we would be honored to welcome you into the Galactic Federation and the confederation of planets. Our alliance is predicated on mutual respect, shared values, and a commitment to the greater good of all sentient beings. Think of our alliance like how countries must apply and meet various requirements demonstrating the rule of law to be admitted to the European Union or NATO.

We also wish to address a critical issue concerning technological advancements. According to galactic law, the refusal of Earth's governments to disclose and share the true nature of advanced technology, including the reverse engineering of extraterrestrial technology, constitutes a severe breach of trust. The knowledge and benefits derived from these technologies should be utilized for the betterment of all, rather than being hoarded by a select few. Such actions are in direct violation of divine will and the principles of universal justice.

The Galactic Federation is committed to observing and assisting Earth in its journey towards peace and enlightenment. We are prepared to support positive changes and offer guidance as needed. It is our hope that Earth will rise to the occasion, embrace the values of justice, peace, and cooperation, and ultimately join our galactic community in a spirit of unity and advancement.

Until then, Earth remains under galactic quarantine. We urge your leaders to take immediate action to address the issues at hand and work towards a future of peace and cooperation.

With respect and anticipation,

The Galactic Federation

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