Paranormal Psychic Abilities

Establishing the Seer's Guild: An Institute for Training Children with Paranormal Psychic Abilities

About 10 years ago, a famous psychologist discovered that people have paranormal psychic abilities. In Daryl Bem’s laboratory, participants could guess better than chance where an erotic picture was going to appear on their screens, even before the computer randomly decided the location. That is, before something could possibly be known, people seemed to know it—at least, they knew it a tiny bit more often than they would if they were just guessing randomly.

Bem’s paper was published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, the world’s most prestigious journal for those subfields. And we couldn’t dismiss Bem as some random crank—he’s a tenured professor at Cornell, and his self-perception theory is standard reading in intro psych classes. The dude’s legit, and now he’s saying ESP exists, and his paper got through peer review and into one of psychology’s best journals.

Executive Summary

The Seer's Guild aims to be a pioneering institute dedicated to identifying, nurturing, and training children with paranormal psychic abilities. Recognizing the unique potential and challenges faced by these gifted individuals, the Guild will provide a structured, supportive, and scientifically grounded environment to help them develop their skills responsibly and ethically. This proposal outlines the vision, objectives, organizational structure, curriculum, and funding strategy for the Seer's Guild.

Vision and Mission

Vision: To be the world’s leading institute in the education and development of children with paranormal psychic abilities, fostering their talents for the benefit of society.

Mission: To provide a safe, supportive, and scientifically validated environment where children with psychic abilities can enhance their skills, understand their potential, and learn to apply their talents ethically and responsibly.


  1. Identify and Support: To identify children with genuine psychic abilities and provide them with the necessary support to develop their talents.

  2. Education and Training: To create a comprehensive curriculum that balances psychic training with academic education.

  3. Research and Validation: To conduct rigorous scientific research on paranormal phenomena to validate and understand psychic abilities.

  4. Ethical Guidance: To instill a strong ethical framework guiding the responsible use of psychic talents.

  5. Community Outreach: To promote awareness and understanding of psychic phenomena within the broader community.

Organizational Structure

  1. Board of Directors: Comprising experts in psychology, education, parapsychology, and ethics.

  2. Administrative Team: Responsible for day-to-day operations, admissions, and community outreach.

  3. Faculty: Experienced educators, psychologists, and trained psychics to lead the curriculum and training programs.

  4. Research Team: Dedicated to conducting and publishing scientific studies on psychic phenomena.

Curriculum and Training Program

The curriculum will be divided into several key components:

  1. Core Academic Subjects: Standard education in mathematics, science, language arts, and social studies to ensure comprehensive intellectual development.

  2. Psychic Development Training:

    • Basic Skills: Meditation, concentration, and energy management.

    • Specific Abilities: Telepathy, clairvoyance, psychokinesis, and other identified skills.

    • Control and Application: Techniques to control and ethically apply psychic abilities.

  3. Psychological Support: Regular counseling sessions to help children cope with the unique challenges of their abilities.

  4. Ethical Education: Courses on the ethical implications and responsibilities of using psychic talents.

  5. Physical Training: Activities such as yoga and tai chi to enhance physical and mental balance.

  6. Research Participation: Opportunities for students to participate in ongoing research projects.

Facility and Resources

  • Campus: A serene and secure campus designed to foster a peaceful learning environment.

  • Laboratories: Equipped for scientific research and experiments related to paranormal phenomena.

  • Library: A comprehensive collection of books, journals, and digital resources on psychic studies and related fields.

  • Counseling Center: Professional psychological support for students.

Funding Strategy

  1. Initial Capital: Seed funding from private investors, philanthropists interested in paranormal research, and grants from educational foundations.

  2. Tuition Fees: Scaled tuition fees based on family income to ensure accessibility for talented children from all backgrounds.

  3. Donations and Sponsorships: Active fundraising campaigns and partnerships with organizations interested in supporting psychic research and education.

  4. Research Grants: Applying for grants from institutions and organizations that fund scientific research in parapsychology and related fields.

  5. Merchandising and Publications: Revenue from books, online courses, and seminars conducted by the Guild’s experts.


The Seer's Guild represents a groundbreaking initiative to nurture and guide children with psychic abilities. By providing a structured, ethical, and scientifically grounded environment, the Guild will not only help these children realize their potential but also contribute valuable insights into the nature of psychic phenomena. With a clear vision, robust curriculum, and strategic funding plan, the Seer's Guild is poised to become a leader in this unique field of education and research.

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