International Tribunal for Covid-19 Lockdowns

Heal Earth Institute is calling for an international tribunal to investigate and prosecute misconduct, fraud and malice over the Covid-19 lockdowns.

In 2019, there was an outbreak of what is now called COVID-19, a respiratory virus. Global health agencies, led by the World Health Organization (WHO), along with other agencies, media members, and medical professionals rolled out a coordinated strategy to push for COVID-19 lockdowns stating that they were both safe and effective.

To further this message, an alliance of media organizations was created to determine "authoritative information" across the television and social media sphere of influence. Additional influence was applied to any medical professional who expressed a contrary opinion.

Research now demonstrates that the claims made about lockdowns were false. In fact, they were incredibly harmful to society. At Heal.Earth, we look at global crimimal action that must be prosecuted so it can never happen again.

It is imperative that justice be served in this world so we are calling for an international tribunal to investigate and adjudicate these crimes. Furthermore, should the punishment fit the crime, we see this as a historical continuation of the precedent set with the Nuremberg Trials.

We accuse the WHO and its allies of the following acts of War against Humanity:

  1. Misrepresentation of Data: Critics may argue that these entities misrepresented data or failed to adequately consider the long-term consequences of lockdown measures. Lockdowns were initially presented as temporary measures to "flatten the curve" and prevent overwhelming healthcare systems. However, the adverse effects of lockdowns on mental health, economic stability, and overall public health were downplayed and ignored. Prosecution will be sought on the basis of these violations.

  2. Violation of Human Rights: Lockdowns imposed severe restrictions on individual freedoms and livelihoods. These measures violated fundamental human rights, such as the right to work, education, and freedom of movement. Prosecution will be sought on the basis of these violations.

  3. Failure to Consider Alternatives: The WHO and other agencies did not adequately explore or promote alternative strategies for managing the pandemic, such as targeted protection of vulnerable populations, widespread testing and contact tracing, and voluntary social distancing measures. Prosecution will be sought on the grounds of negligence or failure to fulfill their duty to explore all available options.

  4. Economic Damage: Lockdowns resulted in significant economic damage, including job losses, business closures, and economic recession. The WHO and other agencies did not sufficiently consider the economic consequences of their recommendations or failed to provide adequate support for those adversely affected by lockdown measures.

  5. Trust and Credibility: The promotion of lockdowns as safe and effective measures has eroded public trust in health authorities and institutions. These entities and individuals should be held accountable for any damage to public trust and credibility resulting from their advocacy of lockdown policies.

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