Auditing Global Bio-Weapons Programs

Call for Immediate Investigation into Bio-Weapons Development Programs

Executive Summary

We call for a thorough and immediate investigation into all bioweapons development programs within the United States defense apparatus, ensuring full transparency and accountability.

Agencies and Resources:

  1. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA):

    • Mobilize DIA resources to investigate and audit bioweapons development programs.

    • Utilize intelligence gathering, analysis, and investigative expertise to uncover all relevant information.

  2. FISA Courts:

    • Obtain FISA court warrants to legally surveil and gather intelligence on individuals and entities involved in bioweapons development.

    • Ensure that all surveillance and intelligence-gathering activities are in compliance with legal standards to protect national security and civil liberties.

Steps for Investigation:

  1. Immediate Action:

    • Initiate an urgent briefing with key stakeholders within the DIA and other relevant agencies.

    • Secure FISA court approval for necessary warrants to commence surveillance and intelligence operations.

  2. Skiff Based De-Classification of Work:

    • Establish a Secure Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) for the investigation.

    • Declassify all high-level classified bioweapons work within the SCIF to ensure a secure and controlled environment for the investigation.

    • Grant access only to authorized personnel with the highest security clearances.

  3. Comprehensive Audit:

    • Conduct a detailed audit of all current and past bioweapons development programs.

    • Review all documentation, research, and communications related to these programs.

    • Interview key personnel and stakeholders involved in bioweapons research and development.

  4. Reporting and Accountability:

    • Provide regular updates to relevant oversight bodies, including Congressional intelligence committees.

    • Ensure that findings are documented and any illegal or unethical activities are reported and addressed.

    • Recommend policy changes to prevent future misuse of bioweapons research and development.

  5. Public Transparency:

    • Release non-classified findings to the public to maintain transparency and trust in the investigation process.

    • Protect sensitive national security information while ensuring accountability.


By marshaling the full resources of the Defense Intelligence Agency and utilizing FISA court warrants, this investigation aims to ensure that all bioweapons development programs within the United States defense apparatus are conducted legally, ethically, and in accordance with national security standards. The use of a SCIF for unshielding high-level classified work will ensure that the investigation is thorough and secure.

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